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August 18, 2009

Margaret & Mike {wedding}

Margaret and Mike might take the prize for the most laid-back couple. They were cool (while being very hot) with whatever I wanted to do. They started the day out with a special meeting where they met, looked each other over and played with Emma [the dog].

Wedding Location: The Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee

Before any bride and groom can meet for the first time, there is always a flutter of preparation.  Most people don’t get to see this part of my job, but it’s something I do a lot of.  Adjusting and fixing and making suggestions….  Jeremy grabbed a shot of me helping with the vail placement and I thought I’d post it.

Now, on to the good stuff…

I’ve got to admit right here, before I upload any more pics, that I’ve picked out a lot of images of just Margaret.  She’s just so pretty, and photogenic, I couldn’t help myself 🙂


On to the great outdoors…

Margaret and her sister Sarah, in their trademark pose.

Back inside to cool off….

The guys striking a ‘Captain Morgan’ pose…

Margaret’s sister Grace:


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