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November 16, 2009

Caroline {senior}

I was just going to pick my one favorite to post. To make sure I looked through the images and found something good.  But as I sorted through the images, I couldn’t pick just one to post.  Everyone of them was a story or a different side of Caroline, and I found that I couldn’t seem to pick just one.  So, I postponed my post until I could edit all of the ones I liked best. 

Just in case one of you readers don’t know, Caroline is my sister.  She is 17. A Photoshop guru, a writer, an artist, a photographer.  She is way too witty to be related to me.  She works for me; you’ve seen both her photography and her mad photoshop skills on this very blog.  I’m not sure she knows what she wants to do with all her talent (she has heaps of it), but whatever it is that she chooses, I’m sure she’ll exceed 🙂  

I find it a bit hard to believe that Caroline is 17 and that I’m taking her senior photos.  Of all my siblings, she is the one that I remember the most when she was very young.  She was my very cute live baby doll.  She let me carry her around (even though she was half my size) and she thought I was the bomb (even though I didn’t).  She had the prettiest hair every and wouldn’t EVER let me touch it.  Never.  And you know, I’m the queen of cool braids, cool curls, cool hair.  But, no, not Caroline.  She didn’t let me touch it until I cut it off three years ago.  Where does all the time go?  I’m sure glad Henry is around to keep us all together and in touch with each other.  Did I mention that Henry thinks Caroline hung the moon?  She can do no wrong.  Everytime Henry spotted me working on her pictures he’d grin and say, ‘MA, MA’ and try to touch the computer screen.  He knows a pretty picture when he sees one 🙂

I lot of shopping went into this photo-shoot.  We took trips to Atlanta and Athens; spent many hours in dressing rooms trying to decide what went together and if it was ‘caroline’ enough.  We searched high and low for a pair of boots (had to be comfortable) and for anything that would fit (perfectly) her tiny body.  In the end, she wore a few pairs of my too-big shoes and mixed and matched everything we bought with clothes she already had.  We couldn’t find a pair of boots that quite had what we were looking for.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before; that it’s VERY hard to photograph someone you know and love.  Especially family.  My family never stops moving and I don’t think we spend anytime just staring at each other, because I found that, though, Caroline looks gorgeous in most of these images, the ones that are ‘caroline’ to me, are the ones that she’s laughing really hard or doing ‘witty’ things that I’d never think of doing.

Location One.  Downtown Athens at near The Grit.

Location Two. Bottleworks. This is a very Sarah Rhoads-esque photo.  We are big fans of Sarah Rhoads

Location Three. In front of 8e’s on Washington St., downtown.

Location Four. Very cool wall in Bank of America parking lot.

Location Five. In front of Trapeze.  This one is Caroline’s favorite.  Notice she’s shoeless?  That happens a lot in Caroline’s world 🙂  A dress and no shoes; that’s Caroline.

Location Six. The side wall of Sunshine Cycles.  This is one of those times that Caroline is witty and I am not.  Only she would think of this and say, “hey, take one of me doing this.”  

While we were still at Sunshine Cycles, we had a wardrobe change and we took a very long series of the ‘many faces of Caroline’, but my busy life and holiday schedule prevented me from editing all of the many faces of Caroline and showing them to you.  Maybe one day.  When she’s getting married and Henry is in college.  Or maybe she’ll want to edit and post the many faces of Caroline and you’ll get to see them before 10 years pass…

I couldn’t pass this one up, though….


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