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Family Session

November 16, 2009

Gabriel & Family

This little guy gave me a run for my money!  How is it that every 1-2 year old (including my own) knows that I’d LOVE it if they just looked at me for 1/60th of a second?  I mean, come on, is that too much to ask?  Instead of easy co-operation, I get to chase them around town and parks hoping that maybe, just maybe, they accidently look my way.  All the while trying to make sure they don’t run into traffic hoping to get a tad bit closer to the trucks 🙂  

So, that being said, I did get a few accidental looks from Gabriel.  Here is one:

Oh, there is a story attached to this session.  Our appointment was scheduled for 10 at Hard Labor Creek State Park.  Ashley and Family were traveling from Newnan, so at about 9:15 they called to tell me that they’d run into traffic and would be a few minutes late.  No biggie. We (Mom, Quinn, Henry & I) left the house in time to meet them at the park at 10:30.  We’re about 20 minutes away from the park and we run into signs telling us there is a detour, and lots and lots of cars and people.  We figure out that they are directing traffic for something big, a festival or something.  After talking to a couple of people, we find out that there is a Cotton Gin Festival taking place that day, in Bostwick.  We try to go around everything, but somehow we end up in the heart of Bostwick and in the middle of all the chaos.  A very sweet police woman tells us that there is a parade about to start (in 45 minutes) and that there is NO WAY for us to get through to the road that we need to access the park.  Crap.  Now what?!!  Well, we ask Ashley if they will meet us in Madison, the next closest town to find a new location…  Our new location was downtown Madison, which is just adorable, BUT full of traffic that Gabriel thought was essential that he see and try to run into.  I could only take so much of the scary traffic dives and we went to a park.  Where there is swings and slides and all things fun, but they were in THE SUN!  Will we ever get a break?  We did.  After a snack and a run with the dogs (the most well behaved dogs ever) we set up a few family shots 🙂

Aren’t these two cute?  I’d have liked to do more with them, but Gabriel was out of patience 🙁

Ashly, Patrick, thanks so much for all of your patience with all of our traffic woes!


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