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January 24, 2010

(once like a spark) photography – part 2

Caroline rocks!  She’s finished editing our favorite images from our shoot yesterday.  Ready? Here they come.

We started outside in a really cool, industrial section of Atlanta.  I have to mention that it was freezing.  It will never cease to amaze me that you can’t tell how how hot or cold it is outside in the final images.  A-mazing.  These girls were freezing.  But, aren’t they cool?

It was so cold, that I decided to see what I can could work out with what was available inside.  I’m happy with the final images.  Here’s Cali rockin’ it with and without her camera.

I knew, when we moved inside, that we would have to stay in the same location, due to the light and our other indoor location options (not to mention the weather), so I really wanted this set of individual images to be the same yet different.  Now, Darcy.

And Lauren.

And Leah.


I really wanted each girl to ‘own’ the chair.  To make sure that they looked comfortable and ‘right’ in each image.  Can you see their distinct personalities?

Last, but not least, Ashley.

Girls, I’m looking forward to the future!  I know good things are coming 🙂

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