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January 24, 2010

(once like a spark) photography

I have news.  Not really relating to my last post, but news never the less.

I met Ashley Steele, co-owner of (once like a spark) photography, at Kristen and Drew’s wedding.  I immediately liked her.  She was out-going, sure of herself, complimentary of my work and LET ME EAT DINNER with her and her husband during Kristen’s wedding (if you’ve been to a wedding as a photographer, you know how cool that is)!  During our dinner convo, she told me all about her cool photography business and wondered aloud if I’d be interested in working for OLAS.  I had what they were looking for, and she’d looked long and hard 🙂  I was flattered and wondered if she meant it.  Did she really want me to work for them?  And did that mean that I would have to stop ‘working’ for SWP?  Well, it turns out that she was serious.  And I didn’t have to stop working for SWP.  So, I’m going to be shooting weddings for OLAS.  As often as they need someone.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I will have my own weddings sprinkled in the mix, but for the most part, I’ll be shooting a LOT for OLAS!  Yay!

This morning, Caroline and I got up super early and made the journey to Atlanta.  We were hired by the girls at (once like a spark) to take some ‘cool, edgy’ images for them.  I was so excited!  Caroline is working on the images – I don’t have the originals to share, but I do have some cool polaroids to show you!

Meet Ashley. 

And her sister, Cali.



And Lauren…

Caroline took a few of my shooting:

I thought this was worth posting; cute, huh?

Thanks, girls, for a great session!  I’ll be back soon with some higher quality images!

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