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March 30, 2010

five on friday… or monday

because I totally forgot to post on Friday.  I spent the day in Atlanta for a shoot with Once Like a Spark and before I knew it, it wasn’t Friday anymore…  With out further ado, my ‘five on friday’:

1. Henry and I had a tough day.  He was whiny, I was grumpy.  Not a great combo.  To make it worse, the iPhone predicted that it was going to be sunny with a high of 64.  That did NOT happen.  More like partly sunny with a high of 52.  With strong winds.  If tomorrow isn’t better, someone might get hurt.  We cannot take anymore of this house!!!

2. Jeremy just called me peculiar. I didn’t know that word was part of his vocabulary.

3. I have 8 people ‘registered’ for my next photography class.  How cool is that?  

4. Logan and I have big news.  You’d better stay tuned.

5. I was so excited to see all of the albums and prints that have been ordered in the last couple of weeks!  The albums are just GORGEOUS! I can not wait for the owners of said books to receive them!!

And because I’m four days late in posting, I’m going to add a number 6.

6. While Henry plays outside, I’ve been weeding and cleaning up the flower beds in front of my carport and house.  We went out for a few plants (because there are no plants growing) and came back with the same old boring flowers.  Does anyone have a suggestion for an annual that grows well in full sun?  

Until Friday…

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