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March 30, 2010

Love Me Knot Photography

Logan and I are ready to share our big news!  We’ve been working on this new venture for the last couple of months and I’m so excited about what it will bring for the future.

We have decided to go into business together.  We’re going to shoot weddings.  And engagement sessions.  And bridal sessions.  And that’s all (well, that’s all I’m shooting for LMK :-)).

Love Me Knot Photography (LMKP) is hoping to appeal to the smaller-budget bride; someone who is looking for classy work, but without the fuss.  LMKP is going to offer one package/collection and one album option, keeping things nice and simple.

Check out our new website here: Love Me Knot Photography

Check out our blog here: Love Me Knot Blog – and as a side note, Logan is going to be in charge of the LMK blog.  I have my hands full with this blog and I love it here!

Our Facebook Fan page: Facebook

A big thanks to Caroline and Mom for their help here and there and for always lending an ear to listen to my next thought or idea!  Logan, Erin, I can’t wait till our new babies are born!  I look forward to our successful venture together.


And to all of you SWP fans, SWP will remain the same!  I will still shoot full-time for SWP;  weddings, families, maternity/newborn, you name it, I’m going to shoot it!


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