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April 13, 2010

five on friday… or tuesday

yeah, I’m really behind this time.  The week goes by too fast.  And maybe I should come up with a different day to post random things.  Friday’s seem to be a lot busier than, say, Monday or Tuesday….

1. I’ve had a cold/allergies for the last 5 days.  I would like for them/it to go away.  My nose just can’t take anymore blowing, rubbing or dripping.

2. I still want to plant a garden.  I think about it everyday.  Still can’t decide if I should do it.

3. Saturday’s wedding was SO MUCH FUN! I truly enjoy the whole day/process and can’t wait for Caroline to choose blog pictures.

4. Baby is 12 weeks.  

5. Buffy and Craig hit 78 comments!!  Isn’t it that amazing?!  I am totally impressed and am so excited to give them a free Gallery Wrap!!  

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