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April 13, 2010

Sarah C. {sweet sixteen}

Sarah has been friends with Caroline for the last few years.  Super sweet girl!

She asked for a photo session for her 16th birthday – don’t you think that’s a great gift? Her birthday is really in January and since it’s not pretty or warm in January, we waited until March for the session.  And we lucked out on a beautiful day 🙂  All of the trees were in bloom and the pollen was still ON the trees and not on everything we touched 🙂  So take a look at all the prettiness below:

I really like this one…  Something so cool about it 🙂

All of the above pics and the couple right below were shot on Sarah’s front porch.  Isn’t that door amazing?

As I planned for this session, I had thought that using a prop or something would be fun.  I had wanted to find a colorful, fun umbrella to use.  But since I couldn’t I thought we might use ice cream.  When I asked Sarah what her favorite sweet was she admitted to loving cupcakes.  So we headed over to Big City Bread and bought one….  The whole cupcake series is really cute and fun 🙂  So glad we did it!

Sarah, you’re quite beautiful!  Thanks so much for hanging out with us and being such a fun subject!!



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