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April 25, 2010

Ginn & Matt {wedding}

Ginn and Matt had a fabulous day!!  Such wonderful weather.  Such beautiful friends, family and details 🙂

Everyone got ready in downtown Athens at the Georgia Gameday Center.  It was the first time I’d shot there and I have say they are a tad dark (meant for game watching), but cool, non-the-less.  Notice the shoes; they win for the best bridesmaids shoes of all time!!  Fun, colorful and UN-comfortable, just as bridesmaids shoes are supposed to be!!

Take a look at our favorites below:

Can I just say beautiful light and beautiful Ginn?  I know she thought I was crazy for carrying on about the light like I was, but gosh, it was so PRETTY!

This group of guys was too much fun!!  They were such good sports, following me around, letting me direct with in a ‘you here, you there’ kind of way 🙂

On the walk back from a cool shooting spot, they [the guys and Matt] talked me into letting them go into the nearest bar for a drink to toast Matt.  I haven’t mentioned yet, that it was G-Day in Athens, so needless to say, the town was packed, including the bar!  We asked for 14 beers and glasses and I kindly ask someone to get up from their comfortable bar stool so I could stand on it and be tall enough to capture the image below 🙂  Really the whole thing made me smile all day!

The ladies, modeling their fabulous shoes…

And the Saber Guard, too cool!

Don’t they look happy?  Such fun, this was.

This pic of Matt makes me smile.  

More to-die-for light at the Botanical Gardens.

And that wisteria?  Isn’t it amazing?

Our adorable couple, during their first dance!

Congratulations, Ginn & Matt!!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your big day!!  We had a blast!

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