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February 9, 2011

a little catch-up


I’ve been such a slacker on the blog lately.  I think about writing all the time, but since writing doesn’t come very easy to me, I have a hard time clearing my head of the day to day madness and actually writing.  I follow so many cool and fun people on blogs from all over the country and every time I read a blog post, I wonder how they find the time or energy to write.  Jasmine Star, she says it’s a real job, to make a blog post every day or so, but that she has committed to it and always puts it on the top of her to do list.  I agree, but haven’t quite gotten it to get to the top of the list!  Lydnsey Stradner, well, I LOVE reading her blogs, and yes, you read that right, she has more than one blog!  

I can’t get this project out of my head.  I want to do it.  I want to do it.  I want to have a book to represent the year.  I want to have a cool place like this to post to…  Think I can do it?  Can you?

A little catch-up:

Henry has grown into the cutest little boy 🙂 He is 2 years and 9 months old – I can’t believe he’s going to be three so soon!  He’s completely potty-trained and asks to sleep in his own [toddler] bed every night.  He loves to play with Lucy, to show her all of his trains and mowers and cars.  He loves to hang out with ‘the guys’ on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.  He and Daddy love the mexican restaurant where he can eat a whole bowl of his own mild salsa and cheese dip with a side of rice and some of daddy’s chicken… He love grapes. And even though he can only have juice with breakfast, he makes sure that we get juice and grapes every time we go to the store! His favorite thing of all, though, is to kick a ball.  A soccer ball, a football, or a basket-hoop ball.  He can kick for hours.  If it’s soccer, he needs some space, like a hallway or the entire length of my mom’s house, to run like crazy and then kick the ball like he’s a pro soccer player; he has incredible aim and skill.  Watching him, you’d think that he has had lessons or that someone has told him that he must kick the ball a certain way, but it’s all natural, every bit of it! While James lived here, he and Jeremy watched football a lot.  So Henry learned to kick a football.  He wants someone to sit on the floor and hold the football with a finger and off he goes, running up to the ball from the side, just like the kicker does, and sends the ball flying! I need to video tape the ball kicking – it’s really quite amazing 🙂

Lucy, well, she amazes me every day.  She is 16 weeks old.  And she’s pretty much the exact opposite of Henry.  I don’t mean to compare them and say that Henry was bad and that Lucy is good, or vice versa, I just mean that Lucy is very different!  She is the most content little chick.  She loves to lay on the floor and kick and look at toys.  She loves to snuggle in the sling and hang out for hours.  She hates the carseat.  She nurses when she’s hungry and only when she’s hungry.  Her fists are in her mouth twenty-four-seven, teething, but she doesn’t seem bothered by it at all {teething}.

Jeremy finished two master degree’s in December!!  He’s got a couple more classes to take so he can be a licensed counselor, but the relief of no more full-time school is wonderful!

We listed our house!  It’s officially for sale and I can’t wait to sell it!  Here we come Athens!  Anyone interested in moving to Hartwell? Or to a nice, comfy, older home with beautiful hard wood floors in Hartwell? 

I have been working hard on making life more balanced.  Balancing a working business, two kids, meals, housekeeping, working out (sometimes, hoping for most times!) and nursing a baby is quite the juggling act! Sometimes I just want to sit and read blogs.  Or books. Or watch a movie.  But I feel so bad about doing any of those things when I know that the next meal needs to be planned and cooked or the laundry needs to be folded and put away or those photos I took the day before, well they need to be looked at or uploaded.  The list goes on and on…  And most times, I just tell myself I can only do so much in one day and determine what is most important and try not to beat myself up about what doesn’t get done.  At the very least I make sure Lucy is nursed when she’s hungry and that Henry has grapes to eat!

Thanks for listening, reading 🙂  I promise to let you know when I get a cool place for my One. Frame. A. Day project.  Leave me a comment below if you are going to join me. 

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