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February 10, 2011

robert {3 month}

Did you know that 3 month babies are the hardest to photograph?  They have just learned to smile and hold their heads up and the smiling part only happens sometimes.  Sitting propped up is ok, but not nearly as cute as sitting at 6 months, and finding something to prop them up on is always a challenge.  And you never can predict how long they are going to last – one minute they are happy and the next they want to sleep!

We started our session off at The Red Dress Boutique, which Diana and Josh own. So, if you see some clothes or jewelry in the background, now you’ll know why!.  If you’ve never shopped there, you should check it out!  Diana has quite the eye for fun, cute fashions 🙂

Diana mentioned that she’d wanted to try a bath with Robert and I thought she meant giving Robert a bath in a baby bath tub or in the sink.  When she said, no, she wanted to get in the big tub with him, I was so excited!  It’s been a very long time since I brought a studio light with me on location, but I knew that I would be lighting-challenged if I didn’t.  Logan and I have been discussing the use of studio lighting on location a lot lately and have used it many times during the last few sessions.  I’m quite happy with the outcome 🙂

If you look real close at the catch-lights in Roberts eyes (in the shot above) you’ll see a silhouette of me!  Cool, huh?


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