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February 11, 2011

Laura & Will {maternity}

Let me start out by saying that I’ve decided to start working out every morning (or whenever I can) by using a workout video.  I started this Monday morning and all week I’ve been extremely sore.  And all I’m doing is jumping jacks, crunches and a few minor weight lifting exercises.  Not to say that those things don’t work, but they are easy-peasy when compared to the yoga that I saw Laura perform during this session.  I’m pretty sure that it would take a year of yoga to get my body to do half of what Laura can do!

Laura has been doing prenatal yoga for quite some time and works with a personal yogi once a week.  Logan and I had the pleasure of photographing one of these private sessions during our photo shoot.  Laura is amazing.  Truly amazing.  Just ask Meghan, the owner of Sangha Yoga Studio, who was very gracious about letting us hang out during the session 🙂

And, like I mentioned in my last post about them, the second half of our session was outside in the sleet!  And I’m sure that Laura was starving and Will was freezing 🙂  But, we made the best of our time and got some adorable images!

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