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May 16, 2014

Henry’s Last Day of School!

I’m sure many of you know that Henry went to Kindergarten at Chase Street Elementary last year.  It was a decision that Jeremy and I made very quickly, just a fews days before school started last August.  Henry had a wonderful year at Chase Street!  He made friends, learned so much, grew taller, gained a little more self control and really enjoyed getting to know his teacher, Mrs. Ellett.
The last day of school, they had all kindergarten parents come to school and share muffins and coffee with their kiddos.  Each class performed a cute song and they had hand-made gifts for each parent.  It was so cute 🙂  Between chasing the girls around, chatting with other parents and reading Henry’s lovely gifts, I snapped a few photos.


This is just 1 week after Henry turned 6!  He’s such a cute little thing 🙂


Henry and his best buddy, Sawyer.  Sawyer and his family are moving to Kennesaw this summer – Henry is super bummed…


Isn’t he just so cute there?  A real smile!


This is Mrs. Ellett — she’s a wonderful teacher.  Down to earth, caring, and no-nonsense  🙂  My favorite kind of person!


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