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April 10, 2015

A sliver of life {march 2015}

My life is different than it was.  Things change.  Life if ever-changing and I love that about life.  I love that how your life is in the present doesn’t mean that it’s the way it will be forever.  That one choice, big or small, make the big or small turns in the road of your life.  If you don’t like the way it’s going or if you want it to stay the way it is, the choices you make every single day impact how things unfold.  And each choice you make has consequences, some good, some bad, some irrelevant, but each decision has impact.
I picked up a camera when I was 14 so that I could hide behind the lens and I fell in love with documenting the lives of other people.  I still absolutely love my work and will, in some capacity, continue it the rest of my life.  However, documenting my life was never as easy or as fulfilling as documenting other peoples lives.  As things have changed in my life, I have started to pick up my camera to document my life and I’m slowly realizing that my life is just as important to document as others.





swp_wise_march002 swp_wise_march003 swp_wise_march004 swp_wise_march006 swp_wise_march007 swp_wise_march008 swp_wise_march009 swp_wise_march012 swp_wise_march013 swp_wise_march014 swp_wise_march015 swp_wise_march016


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