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August 2, 2020

Emmeline // 12 month Baby Bundle Session // Athens, GA

The days are long, but the years are short.⠀
The time we have is fleeting.⠀
The newborn days pass in a blur of diapers and milk and worry and snuggles of the best kind.⠀
The toddler days pass in a myriad of questions, lots of snacks and their favorite song on repeat.⠀
Then before you know it, they are in Kindergarten making more art then you know what to do with, but they can go to the potty by themselves.⠀
Now they are officially a kid, bike-riding, story-telling and mostly independent.⠀
Teens are as needy and worrying as the newborn stage, but with surly looks and no snuggles. #lordhelpusall⠀
Document your days. Fill your camera roll and make photo sessions happen. These photos will be all you have when the time passes and memories fade 🥰⠀
See more of Emmeline’s Baby Bundle here: Newborn Session // 4 Month Session // 8 Month Session

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