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August 14, 2020

Grant // 6 Month Baby Bundle // UGA Founder’s Garden

Let’s talk about how hot it can get in Georgia. Maybe you’re new to town (UGA brings lots of new folks), maybe you spend your days indoors working, maybe you haven’t had a photo shoot in the summer – whatever it might be that keeps you from really realizing just how hot it can get feel during a summer photo session, I’m here to tell you that if we don’t shoot during the lovely hours of 7am and 9am or 7pm and 9pm during the longest, hottest days of summer, we are going to sweat. I’m talking the kind of heat and humidity that makes your undergarments soaking wet 20 minutes into our session, your hair stick to your neck and visible beads of sweat appear on your upper lip. If you can avoid that, please do. But not because we can’t take pretty photos of you and yours while wearing sweaty underwear, but because it’s not a fun experience.

The hotter and sweatier you are, the less you want to cuddle/snuggle/stand next to your loved ones. It’s no fun to carry a hot baby around and your clothing will immediately wrinkles in the shape of a baby bum wherever you’re holding them.

However, if we need to shoot at 11am because it’s your best bet for happy baby photos, then let’s do it. Just know that you’re gonna feel HOT 🥵 and it’s not gonna be as easy to smile at each other for an hour 😉 Fortunately, sweaty underwear and sticky hair aren’t reflected in photos. You really can’t tell if it’s hot and that’s pretty cool!

Sarah and Brandon (and Grant) were really, really hot at their session. It was humid, it was noon in July, and was hard to think past the sweat that was trickling down our arms, BUT you can’t tell how hot it is in the photos, can you? And Grant was happy and sometimes that all that really matters!

Want to see Grant’s newborn session? Click here!

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