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August 12, 2020

Tate // 12 Month Baby Bundle Session // Athens, GA

This whole session was shot in the front yard of Tate’s home, which I love. I love that she will be able to look back at these photos when she’s grown and be able to see the house she was born in. Do you ever think about things like that?

Occasionally, when all of my siblings get together at our parents house, we’ll open up a box of old photographs and flip through them. We howl with laughter at my dad’s old cut-off shorts and the crazy chubbiness of my now-smallest brother. We love to see and remember the houses we lived in, the things we played with and the youth of our parents.

I always imagine that the images I capture will both preserve memories of those old enough to have memories and entertain the grown-ups of the future.

You can see the rest of Tate’s Baby Bundle here: Newborn // 4 Month // 8 Month

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