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December 28, 2019

Kathleen // 12 Month Baby Bundle Session // Hotel Indigo, Athens GA

A year goes by too fast. It’s just that simple. Your baby is born and in what feels like 20 minutes and 20 years, a single year has gone by and that baby of yours is one!

Kathleen entered this world bright-eyed and feisty and she hasn’t changed a smidge – makes me smile to think back to all the sessions we’ve had. From her newborn session, where she refused to sleep (which is perfectly fine) to her 4 month session where she gave her momma a workout jumping around behind me for that one smile. Her 8 month session was a freakin’ dream at the Trial gardens on UGA’s campus, but she entertained us the entire time trying to eat rocks and smacking Mandy and Ryan in the face every time they tried to move her hands out of her mouth.

Her 12 month session was just as entertaining as she refused to let Ryan hold her hand and she sat still for a total of 60 secs during the 60 minute session. Just scroll down to see some of her fierce determination!

The series above cracks me up! She wanted to walk all by herself, but the uneven pavement/holes in the parking area wasn’t safe and she was beside herself.

Mandy and Ryan let her go for two seconds and she was demonstrating to me how she had free hands!

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