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February 7, 2020

Kelly + Gannon // Engagement Session // Lake Oconee

Kelly’s uncle works for the Ritz Carlton and lives in the cutest house on Lake Oconee. When she told me she wanted to shoot there, I was game, of course, but when I got there and saw just how cute the place was, I was thrilled! Shooting on or near water is tricky sometimes; getting water in the photos while also using the water as a huge light source is not always easy. But in Kelly + Gannon’s case, it was perfect!

Did you see her ring?!?! When I was ring shopping I drooled and pinned every single one of Melanie Casey’s ring designs, and as I was photographing Kelly’s ring I was telling her this, because her ring reminded me so much of Melanie’s work. The reason it reminded me of Melanie’s work is because it is one of Melanie’s rings!! Holy cow! I’m in love ❤️

So looking forward to their wedding in October!

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