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May 19, 2020

Summer Mini Sessions!

Everyone’s spring plans were canceled due to the Coronavirus, including my annual Spring Mini Sessions. I was happy to postpone life while we all learned how to help reduce the spread of the virus, and now that we’re more informed, I feel like we can easily take photos and be considerate of the distancing rules.

Stay 6-10ft apart: If I use long lenses, I have to stay back. Long lenses require a certain number of feet between the camera and its subject for it to focus and fill the frame correctly. I will use a long lens for your entire Mini Session.

Outdoor vs. Indoor: We’ve learned that being outside with small groups of people (still 6-10ft apart) is better than being confined in an indoor space. While I usually shoot outdoors, we will make sure to pick a location that isn’t a popular hangout spot so there will be less people to [potentially] come in contact with.

Hard Surfaces + Door Knobs + Bathrooms: We all know that germs collect on hard surfaces, door knobs and other objects that we all touch in public spaces. If we take photos where there are no shared hard surfaces, door knobs or bathrooms, I feel like we greatly lower the chance of spreading our germs.

Because of the above reasons, I will choose an “unpopular”, but beautiful open space for the Mini Sessions; with easy parking and few people. If you have any location suggestions, please let me know!

New Mini Session Dates: June 20 + July 18 – both are Saturdays, both will be at the same Athens location. Since we can expect hot weather, I’m only scheduling sessions in the morning and late evening. Hopefully a short session will minimize the inevitable sweating, lol!

Mini Sessions are 15-20 minutes, and include one person or your whole family. I will take a variety of poses, cull down to around 45 images and put those online for you.

Cost for a Mini Session is $349 and includes all 45(ish) images. You can download the images via your online gallery!

To book a session on June 20, click here: June 20 Mini Session

To book a session on July 18, click here: July 18 Mini Session

summer mini session
summer mini session

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