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March 18, 2020

SWP becomes Evermore Photo Co!

It’s with great excitement that I get to announce my new business name!

I’ve wanted to change the name of my business for at least a year. Around this time last year, I hired a business coach (Brad Tucker of Look Ahead Business Consulting) and as we were talking and working through my business and options for growth, I came to realize it was important to me that I change the identity of my business and brand.

See, I started this business and brand in 2003 shortly after I’d gotten married the first time. And at the time it made perfect sense to change my name from Sara Potterf to Sara Wise and name my business Sara Wise Photography (SWP). Also, there is nothing easier than using your name as your business name ;-). Once that was final, I didn’t think anything of it for the next 12 years.

Fast forward 12 years; I got divorced and in the process of divorce (which is long and hard no matter how amicable it is), I decided to keep my married name. Wise matched my kids, it’s what I had identified with for 13 years, and I had a business with the same name. No big deal, right?

Then I met John – you can read more about that here – and as things got serious and we decided to get married, the subject of my name came up again. It seemed odd to have my ex-husband’s name while married to a John, and since I had kept Wise when I’d gotten divorced it didn’t make any more sense to change back to my maiden name. So I changed my name to Sara Wooten (John’s last name) and promptly started confusing my clients and/or potential clients. As I started talking about the confusing nature of owning a business with a name that wasn’t mine, friends and family suggested I just change the name of the business to Sara Wooten Photography or Sara W Photography, which would allow me to keep SWP and a little consistency. But I really didn’t want to do that. It just didn’t feel right. However, the more I tried to come up with a name and the more I talked about what I wanted it to represent and all of the diverse clients I wanted to serve, I was so stumped on what to name the business.

After about 9 months of thought and taking polls from everyone I knew, I decided to do some research and see there was anyone out there that would be willing to help me re-brand and re-name. One afternoon, I sat down at the computer and sorted through a list of branding gurus and looked for someone/someone’s work that resonated with me. After sorting through 25 different websites, I came across Anthem Creative Co and I was immediately in love. I clicked around her website and cautiously wondered if I could possibly afford to hire her, because I LOVED her work. I set up a phone consultation and begged her to help me come up with a new name. AND, Y’ALL SHE DID! She listened to my ramblings and asked me good questions and listened to what I wanted and came up with 20 different name options, all of which were very good.

Let me pause my story right here and tell you how amazing I find it that there are people out there that can take words and feelings and turn them into concise, more appropriate words and visuals that perfectly suit the vibe you are going for. #mindblown #definitelynotinmywheelhouse

Evermore was in the second batch of awesome photo company names that Ann came up with and I loved it the moment I heard it. It fits perfectly with families and couples and is completely acceptable for all the professionals I work with, too.

Not only did Ann come up with a name, she also wrote this lovely little description of my brand:

“Evermore Photo Co. blends timeless style with a fresh aesthetic for those who want to be shown in their genuine light. Whether you’re wanting to preserve the memory of your child’s mischievous smile or their tiny newborn feet, or you’re off on a new adventure, be it marriage or career – Sara’s years of experience and timelessly vibrant style doesn’t just give you a photo – it’s a work of art.”

I’m going to sprinkle these lovely secondary logos around here and there; aren’t they so pretty?

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